20Time Week 6



This past week I had finished three drawings, a pair of canvas shoes and a painting. The three drawings I had finished I really focused of the shading to make the drawing come to life. For example one of the drawings I did was a football and the shading I did was to make it look round and I added a shadow to make it look like it was a photograph. My canvas shoes that I did was my first time executing that and was an interesting progress. I was very proud of the outcome and the person I made them for was very joyous and pleased with the outcome. I took some pictures, as seen as below, to put on my Instagram. I have also created a logo for my art work (as seen above), and will start putting it in the corners of my art work as my signature.

Improvement & What To Work On

I have improved on my shading a lot and I have also gotten better with not having to erase and redraw multiple times.  I need to keep working on starting off with general shapes as the base of a drawing instead of just doing the out line and filling in. I could also work on detailing in my paintings and certain drawings. I also want to start improving by adding color into my drawings, whether that means colored pencils, oils paints or crayons.


Action Plan For Next Week

This next week I will plan on finishing up the drawings I have and trying to find more clients. I have eight more drawings so I will try to space it out and do four this week. I will continue on looking at tips, tricks and “How To’s” for drawing. I want to also buy some oil paints and attempt to use that in some of my art work.



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