Week 7 of 20Time

Inktober Day 2 // Possession // My own character design of a coffee lover who doesn’t care about the demon 
Inktober Day 1 // Sorceress // I tried to do a real looking person instead of my usual cartoon


I watched a lot of How To videos on YouTube to practice and I just drew it in my personal sketchbook. I figured out that I am really good at just looking at a photo and copying it down pretty well and following the How To videos. I am starting to venture out into crafts as well and starting to sell bracelets. I have sold a couple of bracelets so far for $7 a piece. I am also participating in Inktober which is this trend where during October you draw everyday in just ink. You can do your own drawing prompts or go off of ones given. I am using a given prompt and in the pictures above are the ones I have done so far. You can also view these on my Instagram page @sketching.happiness .


Action Plan

My goal for this next week is to focus on different art styles, practice them and figure out which one I like the most. I know I am more of an abstract artist but I want to see if theres any others I like. I also want to continue practicing drawing with pen only, and Inktober really helps with that. I want to make this into a small business so I am going to create a website for people to go on and order some of my art.

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