Week 8 of 20Time


My tiger I drew on the computer in computer animation


This week I was able to complete four drawings for Inktober, I have posted them on my Instagram account @sketching.happiness if you would like to see them all. I really liked how the sillouhette of the mermaid came out and the naga drawing. I started to explore a little more and did a painting as well, it was for a friends birthday and she loves the ocean so I painted her the ocean with a sunset in the background.

The Mermaid sillouhette drawing I did in Sharpie
The Naga drawing I did in Sharpies

Im pretty positive that I also found my art style, its a cartoon style like the TV show Adventure Time on Cartoon Network but with my own little style and twist. I want to continue doing sillouhette drawings because it helps me not focus on the details so much.


My little pumpkin I drew to get into the Halloween spirit!

Things to work on

Something that I’ve noticed with the difference of my Instagram account and other artist accounts is that I take pictures of my drawings in my sketch book while the others digitalize it and draw it on the computer, which makes the aesthetic of their drawings and account look so much better. I feel that I need to also try and create more textures in my drawings to make it look better realistically wise.

Whats Going On Next Week?

This next week I plan to do more paintings and I want to do mini paintings that are 4X4 canvases. I will continue with inktober and try adding a little more color into them. I have 70 followers right now and I want to try and get 10 more followers by the end of this week. I want to start digitalizing my art so I will look into the best apps or websites to use for that and ask my Computer Animation teacher about that as well.

Painting I did for my friends birthday!

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