Week 9 Watercolor Paintings

This Last Week

I finished another painting that was requested from my sister, she wanted a Sasquatch riding a bicycle and I also used some watercolor in it as the background. I have not gained many new followers sadly but I will research how to this week. I also did some practice sketches of hands, both cartoon, and realistic. I also experimented with watercolor in my sketchbook on using less or more water and how it affects when I use it. The watercolor I have found to love and its just such a fun art technique to work with! I will definitely be using that more in the future.

My first watercolor painting
My second watercolor painting
A happiness painting of a Sasquatch riding a bicycle


I went to Google and searched “watercolor techniques” and this was one of the best websites that I could find: Creative Bloq .It gives tips on what to have and how to use watercolor and different styles of doing it. An example is you can splatter watercolor, have colors bleed into one another, overlap each other and much more.

Action Plan

This next week I plan on going into my old art teachers room during lunch or to art club and asking her about some techniques about watercolor and any pointers. I also plan on asking her for some criticism. I will also plan on getting 100 followers on my Instagram @Sketching.happiness and will research the best ways to do so.


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