Week 10 Inking

“Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.” – Pablo Picasso

What Is Inking?

In art, you usually sketch your drawing first in pencil and then when you’re finished with that you use markers to go over it and finalize it. It is best to use different size markers to add depth and to just make it look better all together. I researched why it’s better to ink and this is what I found.

  1. It helps the drawing last
  2. It helps you master techniques
  3. It has the value of originality
  4. You can draw big
  5. You are able to draw anywhere

Recap of last week

This last week I practiced my inking like my art teacher said to start doing with my art work.I used different size markers and sketched out some of my drawings first even. My teacher for computer animation made us practice that on the computer but mentioned how important it was to do it in your drawings. I ventured into trying minimalist drawings as well. Minimalism is the ability to simplify without losing its quality. I did two and really liked them because they are so simple yet hold so much passion behind it as well. When I was doing more research on Minimalist drawings I found out that Pablo Picasso did a lot of that style! I never knew that.

I took this of of my Instagram account story
Some drawings that I inked












A mixture of minimalist drawings I did


When I researched why I should ink I looked at Five Reasons to Draw with Ink.  I found out Picasso has made some minimalist art on Sketches, Studies & Drawings (Picasso) and then researched more about him and his style of art and read about him on Pablo Picasso Biography.


Action Plan

For this next week I am going to research 3  historically popular artists and 3 presently popular artists and study their art work and what made them choose that style. I want to look at their works and analyze them and see what the message I get out of it is. I want to continue practicing more minimalist drawings and my inking as well.

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