Week 11 Artists and Their Syles

Old Artists

Pablo Picasso

A picture of Pablo Picasso I got from Bio.com

Picasso was a Spanish artist from the 20th century that did many different art styles ranging from painting to sculpting and from cubism to surrealism. He is well known for always switching styles. He went through six periods: the “Blue Period”, the “Rose Period”, the “Cubism”, the “Classical Period”, the “Surrealism”, and “Later Works. The Blue Period was between 1901 and 1904 where he used a lot of blues, hence the name, and greens. His best friend died and he became very depressed so he portrayed that in his art. The Rose Period was between 1904 and 1906 where he overcame his depression and was using a lot of reds and pinks. Around 1907 he and his friend George Braque created Cubism. Between 1918 and 1927 was his classical period. Finally, he had his Surrealism era from 1927 till death.


A picture of a possible portrait of Correggio from antoniodacorreggio.org

Correggio was an Italian Renaissance artist. He lived from 1489-1534. His most famous works of art are the ceiling painting “Vision of St. John on Patmos” for the dome of the church of San Giovanni Evangelista, “The Lamentation” and “The Martyrdom of Four Saints”


Picture of a self-portrait of Raphael from Wikipedia

Raphael was another Italian Renaissance artist that lived from 1483-1520. His famous paintings were those of architectural and portraits. Some of his famous works are “The Triumph of Religion”, “The School of Athens”, and the “Entombment”.

Who is my favorite artist?

After doing research on many artists I have decided that my favorite artist is Pablo Picasso. I love his art style because he isn’t defined by one art style. I can relate to a lot of his works and I love his minimalist drawings. He is an astounding artist and I aspire to be like him and not be defined by one art style.

Recap from Last week

Last week I practiced more minimalist drawings on top of my research. I really enjoy doing that style because it’s quick and easy. I finished six drawings within an hour. There are some of my favorites that I did.

Action Plan

This next week I plan on practicing more watercolor and drawing more realistic such as hands and people. I will research “How To” drawings for hands and bodies.


I read the biography of Picasso from Biography.com/picasso and also Raphael’s biography from the same website, Biography.com/raphael. When I was researching Correggio I found my information about him from antoniodacorreggio.org. The cover photo for this is a picture of one of Picasso’s paintings “The Weeping Woman” that I got off of Google.


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