Week 13 Watercolor Tutorials


Alright so at the beginning of this I said that I wanted to sketch peoples happiness so they can realize the small things in life, but I started to go my own direction after a month. I feel bad because I’m not confident in my art for what people want to me to draw. I am changing it to just get my art better, I want to be confident in it and until then I want to practice my skills until I am confident. I will be changing my Instagram name to @latenight.sketches.


Last Week

This last week I watched a lot of watercolor tutorials to see how people did them and then tried out my own. I did a mountain landscape that I followed along with a video and then I did my own from my head which I was proud of because I don’t usually do that.


My try at the video tutorial of the mountain landscape.
My own try from my head.












The video that I was going off of was How to paint a simple landscape in watercolor. I also watched Watercolor painting for beginners (simple and easy), and Watercolor Techniques Do’s & Dont’s for Beginners.


Action Plan

This next week I plan on trying to come up with two character designs and drawing them in different emotions and poses. I want to create a character design that will represent me but isn’t completely me and then the other one to be my characters best friend.

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