Week 14: Changing Things Up

My Elevator Pitch

Hi everyone! My name is Serena Bertrand and I make art. Art can make people feel different things, and I want my art to make people happy. I want to draw peoples happiness to have them see what in their life makes them happy. I draw paint and do canvas shoes for people. The person will tell me their happiness and I’ll ask if they want anything special such as just a drawing or a painting and if they want it colored or just inked. Here are some examples of the artwork that I have done. I did most on paper and then made it digital. So help me out in helping people realize what makes them happy.



Changing my 20Time

This next semester I plan on changing my 20Time by preparing myself for the police force. I want to eventually work for the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit and to get there I must start at the bottom by working with the police. I will be preparing myself by getting gun training and physical training. I am changing it because I want to start my training for my future job and I don’t want to have the extra work because I would have to be working on the art, my other school work, my paying job and then getting training on top of that.  So I thought I could kill two birds with one stone and do my training with my school work. I will be getting gun training with my moms’ friend who did three tours in Vietnam in the marines.

This is a rundown on what the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit agents do.

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