Week 19: Progress

What Happened Last Week

Last week I looked and talked to different banks and asked them how it would  benefit me. I ended up really liking Wells Fargo, so I have been trying to get an opening where both my mom and I are free so we can go in and set things up. If this doesn’t work out I plan on just creating my own website and getting it out to people. I have only made one other print since the last ones. I have also been getting more followers on my Instagram @latenight.sketches , and I am up to 138 followers now!


The new print I made.

This Upcoming Week

I am going to talk with my mom to see when she is free and can come with me to set up the account, if she cant at all I will just have my dad come. I want to make at least two more new prints as well. I am going to search how to make a website.

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