Week 20: No Shop :(

Recap on Last Week

This last week I was able to figure out the banking situation for the Etsy account but right when I finished that it asked me to upload a picture of another form of identification and that didn’t seem right so I stopped trying with that. I went to at least three different websites to create your own and they all were going to make me pay a monthly fee to create a business one. My mom sent me something on what to do and what you need to make your own Etsy account and so I will try that again and if it still asks me for another form of identification I won’t use Etsy anymore. Since I was trying to figure out the website and Etsy business I was only able to get in one new print this past week.

The new print that I made over the weekend.

Whats going To Happen This Week

This week I am going to try Etsy one last time and if that doesn’t work then I am going to just try and get out there on social media more. I am going to promote my prints more on my Instagram @latenight.sketches and on my personal Facebook account because I have a lot of family and my moms friends on there. I want to try and make at least two more prints this week as well since I only got one out this last week.

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