Week 21: Animating?

Recap on last week

So this last week I have been watching a bunch of different animators on YouTube, and it got me thinking “Hey this looks fun to do!” So I started brainstorming on names and sketching styles of what my character would be. I was thinking how I would animate, like would it be full animating like GingerPale or just important position animating like TheOdds1Out. I only got one more drawing out this week and I was thinking of using it as a character if I do start an animation YouTube account. I didn’t get any new followers on my Instagram @latenight.sketches but that’s also because I haven’t been posting as frequently.

This is the character that I drew.


For this next week I am going to look at animating programs that are compatible with my laptop and brainstorming names and ideas of what my character would be. I will also be saving up for a Wacom tablet so it will be easier to draw. I want to sketch out what the character will look like as well. I’m going to also try and post more frequently on my Instagram.

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