Week 22: Deciding on an OC


So the last two weeks I have been brainstorming ideas on OC (original character) designs and I’m stuck between three. I haven’t been able to come up with any names yet, I’m not very good with that so the naming will be a longer process, I also felt that I should base my name off of my character. I want my character to represent me and what I am like and I want my name to also represent that. I am very close to finally be able to buy the Wacom tablet, I am pretty positive that I can order it this weekend and then I’ll receive it sometime late next week.



My top OC’s that I have chosen.


Plans for this week

This week I want to choose my top three characters and try different positions and expressions, I will decide on what I think is the best and easiest to draw. I want to try to come up with a name this week too, but if not next week for sure. I also plan on ordering my Wacom tablet by this weekend and getting it by late next week. I need to also research on good mics for recording and what I need to edit and make the videos.

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