Week 23: Trials and Tribulations


Last blog I talked about making some OC’s and deciding on one. Well, I’m always indecisive so I ended up going with two. I am going to make little comic strips about them.

One of my OC’s that I chose.


The challenges I got during this project were when certain days I just had no will to draw and when I didn’t know what to draw. There were a lot of those days but most of the time I would be cranking out drawing left and right.


I have had many successes this year dealing with my art, I have improved greatly to the point where two of my teachers are always giving me art contest forms and my other teachers mention me when art comes up in the class. I have even started selling some of my art.

What I Learned

At the start of the school year, I had no knowledge in art except what they taught us in art school. I learned how to properly draw, what my art style is, how to paint, and most importantly that you should never give up on your dream because if you work hard enough you can achieve it.


For anyone else who is going to or already doing this project, I cannot stress this enough but choose something that actually interests you. If not you’re going to hate this project and you’re going to have a mindset of “I don’t want to do this, this is stupid.” for the rest of the year. If you choose something that you really want to do, get into, or that interests you this will be a piece of cake.


Plans for the Future

I am going off to college but I still plan on continuing my art. I still want to get into animating so I am getting adobe animate and then saving up for the Wacom tablet. I still am trying to make a business so after I turn eighteen I am going to set up an account for just my art and then finally make an Etsy account.

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