Week 23: Trials and Tribulations

Recap Last blog I talked about making some OC's and deciding on one. Well, I'm always indecisive so I ended up going with two. I am going to make little comic strips about them. Challenges The challenges I got during this project were when certain days I just had no will to draw and when I... Continue Reading →

Week 22: Deciding on an OC

Recap So the last two weeks I have been brainstorming ideas on OC (original character) designs and I'm stuck between three. I haven't been able to come up with any names yet, I'm not very good with that so the naming will be a longer process, I also felt that I should base my name off... Continue Reading →

Week 21: Animating?

Recap on last week So this last week I have been watching a bunch of different animators on YouTube, and it got me thinking "Hey this looks fun to do!" So I started brainstorming on names and sketching styles of what my character would be. I was thinking how I would animate, like would it... Continue Reading →

Week 19: Progress

What Happened Last Week Last week I looked and talked to different banks and asked them how it would  benefit me. I ended up really liking Wells Fargo, so I have been trying to get an opening where both my mom and I are free so we can go in and set things up. If... Continue Reading →

Week 18: Struggling with the Shop

Recap This last week I have been finishing up completing my shop. I finished transferring my hand drawing to digitizing drawings and I have the prices, sizes, and shipping all set up. The only problem I'm having is setting up how I get paid, I don't have my own bank account so that's becoming an issue. It's... Continue Reading →

Week 17: Opening a Shop?!

Whats Happening and What has Happened? Alright, alright so I am a very indecisive person. So my last blog I said I was going to change my 20Time to my process of becoming a police officer, but now I'm questioning what I really want to do for a career so we are NOT changing and... Continue Reading →

Week 14: Changing Things Up

My Elevator Pitch Hi everyone! My name is Serena Bertrand and I make art. Art can make people feel different things, and I want my art to make people happy. I want to draw peoples happiness to have them see what in their life makes them happy. I draw paint and do canvas shoes for people. The... Continue Reading →

Week 13 Watercolor Tutorials

Updates! Alright so at the beginning of this I said that I wanted to sketch peoples happiness so they can realize the small things in life, but I started to go my own direction after a month. I feel bad because I'm not confident in my art for what people want to me to draw. I am... Continue Reading →

Week 12 Body Positions

Recap of Last Week This last week I spent time filling up pages in my sketch book practicing drawing hands and bodies. I noticed that with bodies its similar to when you draw hands. The body is also made up of shapes just like the hand. First you have to sketch out a stick figure... Continue Reading →

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