Week 10 Inking

"Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth." - Pablo Picasso What Is Inking? In art, you usually sketch your drawing first in pencil and then when you're finished with that you use markers to go over it and finalize it. It is best to use different size markers to add depth and to... Continue Reading →

Week 9 of 20Time

Recap On Last Week Awesome news! I achieved my goal of getting ten more followers on my Instagram, @sketching.happiness , I even got a little more than wanted and now I have 82. I also talked to my computer animation teacher about free animation apps for my laptop and he told me that the app... Continue Reading →

Week 8 of 20Time

  Accomplishments This week I was able to complete four drawings for Inktober, I have posted them on my Instagram account @sketching.happiness if you would like to see them all. I really liked how the sillouhette of the mermaid came out and the naga drawing. I started to explore a little more and did a... Continue Reading →

Week 7 of 20Time

Accomplishments I watched a lot of How To videos on YouTube to practice and I just drew it in my personal sketchbook. I figured out that I am really good at just looking at a photo and copying it down pretty well and following the How To videos. I am starting to venture out into crafts as... Continue Reading →

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